Commuters crowd a train station in Tokyo, Japan, on Thursday, May 19, 2011. Japan's economy shrank more than estimated in the first quarter after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disrupted production and prompted consumers to cut back spending, sending the nation to its third recession in a decade. Photographer: Toshiyuki Aizawa/Bloomberg

Some countries are in need. One of these countries is Japan. They have a big problem, which is weird. When going to the country you will see a lot of things that are normal but behind close doors it’s different. There are many documentaries made about this country. The mature life is really weird. There is so much going on and there are so little couples these days. Latest reports showed that around 70% from the people above the 30 years old are still a virgin.

This country is on the edge of breaking. The reason is that more people are getting older than there are babies being born. And this is a disaster for the future. Imagine a country with only people who are old. No new kids who will make a living and make sure money is coming in or better, take care of the older people.

That’s why the whole digital era is such a scary era for a country as Japan. They will not like this in the future. Addiction and living in a virtual world will become the normal standard.

Japan in need

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